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Monthly Archives: July 2016

What makes a life successful?

Like the young man in the Gospel story, perhaps you too are experiencing situations of uncertainty, anxiety or suffering, and are yearning for something more than a life of mediocrity. It makes you ask yourselves: “What makes a life successful? … Continue reading

What do we do in the wake of a tradedy?

During those times when it seems that evil & tragedy are more widespread than ever before, it is important to remember that there IS MORE. As Christians, we know the outcome of the battle between good & evil. As Christians, … Continue reading

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How “together” is your family?

For Pope Francis the dinner table is a key place to strengthen family bonds and foster a sense of “togetherness,” which he said can often be thwarted by a growing attachment to technology. “A family that almost never eats together, … Continue reading

How do you begin your day?

            Beginning your day with prayer puts everything in focus. How are you starting your day? Do you have a lot to do? Are things rushed, and easily become hectic & out of control? If … Continue reading

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