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When will we be truly happy?

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Now that we have fully tasted the promises of unlimited freedom, we begin to appreciate once again the old phrase: “world-weariness”. Forbidden pleasures lost their attraction at the very moment they stopped being forbidden. Even if they are pushed to the extreme and endlessly renewed, they prove dull, for they are finite realities, whereas we thirst for the infinite...                               -Pope Benedict

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We can search & search for happiness, but if God is not part of our search, we will soon grow weary.

Is God part of your daily life? Start your day by asking the Holy Spirit to give you guidance, counsel, & strength.  Throughout the day, ask Jesus to be with you – tell Him your thoughts, your joys, your struggles.  End the day, thanking the Heavenly Father for all of your blessings & lessons learned, as well as ask Him for forgiveness for any failures or shortcomings.

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And always end your day with words of praise & love! 

When will we be truly happy? — When we rest in the love of God!



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