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Tempted to give up? Addressing the spiritual, physical, & emotional…

Elijah “went a day’s journey into the desert.” –1 Kings 19:4

Many of you are quoting Elijah the prophet by gasping: “This is enough, O Lord!” (1 Kgs 19:4) You can’t stand the thought of going on with your parish work, marriage, job, or Image result for i can't go on quoteseven life. You want to roll over and play dead. You are “burnt out.” You are in good company because Elijah, known for “playing with fire” (see Sir 48:1, 3), eventually became “burnt out” himself.

Image result for encouraging bible versesGod intervened by sending an angel to command Elijah to “get up and eat, else the journey will be too long for you!” (1 Kgs 19:7) We also must get up and eat or our ministry, marriage, or trial will be too long for us. We must wake up and eat the daily bread of God’s Word and Holy Communion. “Not on bread alone is man to live but on every utterance that comes from the mouth of God” (Mt 4:4). Image result for power of the EucharistUnless we eat Jesus’ flesh and drink His blood, we have no life in us (Jn 6:53). Unless we accept God’s grace for much more daily prayer and Bible reading, we will find life too long, fall into depression, and just “go through the motions.” Unless we celebrate Mass and receive Communion as often as possible (even daily), we won’t “have what it takes” to minister, parent, evangelize, suffer, or love. We will “burn out” unless our hearts burn in hearing God’s Word and breaking His bread (see Lk 24:31-32).  Taken from One Bread, One Body

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Are you tired?  Do you feel like giving up? Have you turned to Jesus?  Have you sought His strength in the Eucharist?

When you are tempted to give up… on life, on marriage, on work, on family, on friends… turn to Jesus -Ask Him to ignite the fire of Faith, of Hope, of Love within you….Addressing the spiritual is powerful, but you must also address the physical and emotional components of your struggle.

  • Is there a physical component that needs addressed?  When was the last time you went to the doctor for a physical, for blood work, for age-appropriate tests?
    • Are you eating properly? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you exercising?
  • Is there an emotional component that needs addressed? If you feel like giving up, or you feel alone, then there certainly is an emotional component.
    • Is there someone you can talk to who will be able to listen objectively, help you develop a plan to help you emotionally, and keep you accountable?
    • This needs to be someone who has similar faith beliefs, who is known for sound judgment.  A family member may not be the best choice.

God wants to be your strength.  He wants you to be whole and filled with peace.  Visit Him, talk to Him, but then also do everything else that you can do to help you spiritually, physically, & emotionally.

Come Holy Spirit, fill us with your peace, love, & healing.

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