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Laetare: We should be joyful, we know the outcome…

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We know that Christ has won our salvation for us…We have reason to be joyful!  If only we faithfully accept God’s great & loving gift. Let us, therefore, be faithful to the One who has loved us unto death.  The Church pauses & reminds us, during our Lenten journey, to celebrate this victory won for our salvation: “Laetare Sunday” or, in English, “Joy Sunday.”



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                 Be Faithful! Be Joyful!

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We know the outcome…

We know that God (Father, Son, & Holy Spirit) love us.

All we have to do is: Love God in return, & love our neighbor (be kind to all, be patient with all, do not think ourselves better than others…). 

Today is a good day to reflect on how faithful, how joyful, & how loving we are.  Do we need to make changes?

“My being proclaims the greatness of the Lord, my spirit finds joy in God my Savior” (Lk 1:46:47)

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