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How is your Lent going? Are you having the best Lent ever?

I want to share a Lenten resource with you.  However, first I want to share what I am doing this Lent, which will explain why I am not regularly blogging.Image result for let god turn your world upside down - scripture

  1. I am intentionally spending more time with my family: going to movies, eating more with them, riding bikes when the weather is nice, watching a Harry Potter movie marathon with my son, taking my daughter to the library for a date day… I am trying to focus more of my time & energy on them, rather than crossing off items on a list every day.
  2. I am trying to focus on God & my need for Him to give direction to my life, rather than attempting to fix it all myself.  I have made the short prayer – “Jesus, I trust in You…” a regular part of my day…
  3. I am trying (not always successfully) to say no to all the other requests for my time that are taking me away from my family & my #1 resolution noted above.
  4. I am reflecting with Matthew Kelley on how to make this the Best Lent Ever!  click on this link: 

The reflection for March 7th was entitled “Upside Down.”

If you let Jesus turn your life upside down, you will be happier than you ever imagined was possible. And you won’t just have happiness—you will have joy!Image result for Jesus transforming

This is what Jesus does. He radically transforms the lives of the people he encounters, by rearranging their priorities. Perhaps that is why we avoid a deeply personal encounter with Jesus, because we are afraid of that radical transformation. But you will look back a few years from now on things you thought were so very important today and realize that they were not—and that your new priorities have more truth, beauty, and wisdom.

Are we proactively seeking Jesus? Are we making an effort to experience him? Are we curious about him? Are we in a hurry to meet him? Are we happy to welcome him? What change is your heart prescribing for your life?  Are you proactively seeking Jesus out? or Are you just stumbling upon Jesus at different moments & in different experiences of your life?  Is Jesus really a priority in your life?

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